sometimes its nice to go back to your roots. The scarf, I feel, while sometimes mind-numbingly boring, will always be part of the repertoire. I'm working on a couple to keep my fingers busy when I'm feeling a little fried, which right now, is often. Or maybe I just need a good excuse to use these.
Frank Ochre School Products Cashmere Merino Blend
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on the left is the malabrigo in that perfect shade of chartreuse-y yellow that I (adore) showed you a little while ago. On the right... oh the right. School Products Cashmere Merino Blend. That's 50% of each. Let's just say I'm carrying the swatch around in my pocket.
with a little ufserud thrown in for good measure
My weekend wasn't super productive knitting-wise, but these are fun. And I got to catch up on my netflix queue without missing any subtitles.


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