the slough of vacation knits continue to reveal themselves. This piece was already gifted and can now be shown publicly. You know the pattern, I've seen them all over. I love it though.
Shetland Triangle 2
Pattern: "Shetland Triangle" by Evelyn A. Clark
Source: Wrap Style (Interweave Press)
Materials: Sundara Yarn Aran Silky Merino hand-dyed 'Burgundy over Brown'(2 hanks) Needles: US 9 KnitPicks Options (my first time)
Start Date: 19 August 2006
Completion Date: 3 September 2006  
Shetland Triangle 3
Modifications: None really, other than the obvious subbing of an aran weight for lace weight (one of my favorite moves). I used the shawl calculator here (sidebar) to figure out just how many repeats were possible with what i had. I scrapped the last patterned row (and obligatory purl row) before the bind off to get a more subtle scalloping along the edge. For this one, I liked that look better.
Shetland Triangle 5
This particular lace pattern is ridiculously simple to follow, but I couldn't help being drawn to its curvilinear quality. When it comes to lace, I am much more of a fan of organic, curvilinear, and sinuous (Madli, Print-o-the-Wave, etc) rather than more geometric pattern motifs (DFS, Faroese, most things in A Gathering of Lace, etc.) Of course I appreciate all sorts of lace patterns, but I find myself drawn to certain styles over others. With the Shetland Triangle, I love how the leaves are formed by undulating rows converging together towards a center point and then bending outward again with yos.
Shetland Triangle 1 Shetland Triangle 4 Shetland Triangle 6 Shetland Triangle 8
You can knit this thing on auto-pilot, and add as many repeats as you want (I love when a pattern works out like that). Use any yarn, any weight, and get something that is preferable to you, regardless of how many you've seen before.
Shetland Triangle 7
And I can't put this post up without saying a short word about the yarn: this is definitely the most luxurious yarn that has ever graced my needles. When it was over, I was desperate for more, sad that it was done, and excited that it happened. Sounds like a torrid affair, doesn't it. The color trumps everything - no matter how hard I tried, the pictures cant explain to you the depth and saturation. Hand-dyed by an artist, its no wonder it was so mesmurizing throughout. Not to mention how it feels... (butter) There's still one more shawl I have yet to show you, but I think I'll make you wait a little longer for it, since I've got very little knitting going on presently.


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