Aside from the obvious reasons for making a trip to an island as remote as Shetland, I had another wonderful reason for the trek.  My friend and colleague, Gudrun Johnston, had asked if I would photograph her new collection of knitting designs on her home turf.  Long have I daydreamed of the mythical light in Shetland, so from a photographer's perspective I was thrilled by the proposition.

Aside from the obvious perks of our location, Gudrun's collection was fantastic, which made my job so enjoyable. We shot the book in one very full day (from pre-dawn to sunset in a Northern Latitude) and to our luck, the weather cooperated.

The green vest above was one of my favorite pieces of the day.

The collection has a great range of projects from small accessories to full garments (the beautiful cardigan below is knit with a lace-weight wool/silk blend) that I think is wonderfully edited.

All the patterns shown above (as well as some not pictured) are are included in Gudrun's book which is available in print through her website.  A digital version of the book is also available.  Thanks for such a beautiful collection, Gudrun!


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