The sweater is done. All the knitting. All the button-banding. All the wet blocking. Wow, it's almost disorienting. I find myself wanting (needing) more to do on it... but hey, when it's done, it's done right? This must be a sign of an absolutely enjoyable overall-process. Or maybe I just love Skye Tweed that much. I picked up some buttons the other day that I thought fit nicely - I wanted a simple and natural warm wood button that would seem right at home nestled amongst all that tweed.
Wooden Buttons
I also wanted to show you one more picture of the button band in progress. The finished button band is about an inch and a half of garter stitch. This picture was taken after knitting several rows up from the pick-up stitches that I showed you in my last post.
Working Buttonband
We're looking at the wrong side of the work here - see how the facing is playing nice and laying itself flat on the inside of the sweater? I like that very much. I'll do my best to orchestrate a proper photo shoot over the weekend (this sweater sure deserves one!). And starting today you should know that I will be effectively living in the sweater until the identity crisis that the weather has been having is officially over.


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