the time has come for the unveiling of the scarf. i finished this last weekend, but haven't gotten the time to put a post up about it until now. this scarf was a great experience from beginning to end. I loved the materials - working with them made the whole project enjoyable (even despite the monotany of scarf-knitting). the stripes spiced it up a bit, and the colors were so good i never got sick of looking at them. i have had my 1x1 ribbing fill for a while, but i never got overly tired of it. so here it is - the completed piece:
Beaverslide Scarf Complete 1
the scarf is pretty long. my general rule for length: make the scarf a few inches longer than the height of the recipient. in this case, the scarf measures about 6 feet 2 inches and is to me, the perfect length. please observe below:
Beaverslide Scarf Complete 2
i handwashed the piece in the sink with eucalan and then did a follow up wash with some mild hair conditioner (a great little trick) and it softened right up. wrapped multiple times, it is very warm and fits the new york winter very well, especially through the blizzard on sunday.
the specifics:
materials: beaverslide dry goods worsted wool/mohair blend (90% merino/10%mohair) in colors "mink" and "mallard" needles: US 8 bamboo 10" straight needles pattern: my "own." its a 1x1 reversible ribbing with a slip stitch border. i cast on 41 sts. i kind of feel like knitting another scarf....


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