HEADERS_wp9_take_5_ic What’s your favorite detail about your WP9 design contribution?  Historically, the delicate Estonian motifs I've used for Rakke have been worked in white lace-weight yarns, but the thicker, rustic Brooklyn Tweed yarns in brilliant colors give this traditional lace a modern sensibility, which I love. Any interesting techniques in the design you'd like to tell knitters about?  Both Rakke designs, the shawl and the scarf, are shaped with garter stitch short rows. The texture of garter stitch allows the knitter to skip the step of concealing the short row wraps, which hide themselves amid the garter bumps. FLATS_wp9_take_5_14 What's the most beloved (and well-worn) hand knit in your closet? I have a confession to make: I have never made even a single sock! My local knitting friends know this about me and over the years they've made me some beautiful pairs. I don't walk around in these special socks; I wear them only when I sit and knit at home. And since I'm always knitting at home, these are the most well-worn knits in my closet. Three things that are inspiring you right now?  Changing nature is a great source of inspiration to me; as seasons shift there are always new details, colors, and textures to inspire ideas.  
  This interview is part of our Take 5 series—a collection of bite-sized interviews with designers about the inspirations behind our newest collection—Wool People 9 .


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