HEADERS_wp9_take_5_wehrle What’s your favorite detail about your WP9 design contribution? I love the slightly boxy fit of Truss paired with the stitch pattern at each side. The gentle pull of the ribbed stitch detail gives just a hint of shaping to the garment. Any interesting techniques in the design you'd like to tell knitters about? I'm a recent convert to using short-row shaping and joinery bind-off at the shoulder seams of my designs. Both techniques are pretty easy to learn and are great addition to your knitter’s toolbox. FLATS_wp9_take_5_10 What's the most beloved (and well-worn) hand knit in your closet? It just happens to be a Brooklyn Tweed design, Bedford by Michele Wang. It is the perfect sweater to throw on with a skirt and tights or jeans. It's so cozy! Plus it's grey; it goes with everything. Three things that are inspiring you right now? Icelandic yokes, couture sewing techniques, and the creation of my "me made" wardrobe. Sewing projects seem to be outnumbering knitting projects 2 to 1 these days!  
  This interview is part of our Take 5 series—a collection of bite-sized interviews with designers about the inspirations behind our newest collection—Wool People 9 .


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