HEADERS_wp9_take_5_locatelli What’s your favorite detail about your WP9 design contribution? I love Mimic for its simplicity and the possibility to play with color. I am starting to feel an itch to explore striped garments more in depth. Another thing I love about this design is its versatility. Since it can be worked to any length, it can be made into a pullover, dress, or tunic. It can also be worn on its own (which I love!) or layered over a whole outfit. Any interesting techniques in the design you'd like to tell knitters about? It is not new to this design, but I love adding short rows to raise the shoulder slope of boxy garments. Since there is no armhole shaping, this easy technique reduces the amount of fabric in the shoulder/armhole area and makes for better fit without all the bulging. FLATS_wp9_take_5_5 What's the most beloved (and well-worn) hand knit in your closet? Ah! In this case, I will have to say it’s two pairs of socks. They were knit for me by two different friends, who both learned that I couldn’t knit socks and made some to keep my feet warm. These socks have traveled with me ever since, and they make me feel these friends care for me in stressful times. Three things that are inspiring you right now? Travel, culture, and color. I was fortunate enough to travel quite bit last year, and being exposed to such different cultures and colors from the ones in my own city has opened a wide range of possibilities and ideas to me. I am looking forward to mixing all these things with my own South American identity…  
  This interview is part of our Take 5 series—a collection of bite-sized interviews with designers about the inspirations behind our newest collection—Wool People 9 .


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