HEADERS_wp9_take_5_sennott What’s your favorite detail about your WP9 design contribution? I love how the Almanac color recalls the navy blue or "seaman's iron" color of traditional ganseys of the British Isles. It's perfect for this design. Any interesting techniques in the design you'd like to tell knitters about? Rather than bind off in pattern on the neckband or work a sewn bind-off, I knit the band twice the height I wanted, then folded it over and sewed the live stitches to the inside. This technique is easy to do and gives the neckband a clean, polished look and greater structure. FLATS_wp9_take_5_8 What's the most beloved (and well-worn) hand knit in your closet? A humble but warm scarf! Years ago, I made a really long and wide beaded rib scarf using light grey wool I found in a sale bin. Even on the harshest winter days, I feel impervious to wind and cold when I bundle up in that scarf. Three things that are inspiring you right now? 1) My sisters and I are attempting to swatch at least one stitch pattern every week in 2015. We're each doing our own thing, but we share and discuss them in Evernote. I'm having fun trying things I don't do often, like crochet motifs, and getting inspiration for new designs, too. 2) Spinning with a drop spindle! I just started to learn last year. I've been spinning a little every day and hope to design something with my own handspun one day. We'll see! 3) Instagram is always inspiring—what a treasure trove of beautiful yarns, designs, and projects. I love following people who post photos of their farms and animals and things like lambing and shearing. It gives me a greater appreciation for all that goes into producing yarn.  
  This interview is part of our Take 5 series—a collection of bite-sized interviews with designers about the inspirations behind our newest collection—Wool People 9 .


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