HEADERS_wp9_take_5_van_de_laar What’s your favorite detail about your WP9 design contribution? I love the way the increases and decreases in the lace edging affect the garter stitch background. They pull the rows upwards and downwards, creating diagonal ridges that make the edging very feather-like. Lace is magical! Any interesting techniques in the design you'd like to tell knitters about? A neat stitch I've used in Kea is the raised centred double decrease, which appears in the edging. It helps the stockinette ribs really stand out above the garter stitch, and it keeps the decreases invisible, too. FLATS_wp9_take_5_12 What's the most beloved (and well-worn) hand knit in your closet? I have a rainbow-striped wool jumper which I wear a lot when it's cold enough. I found it in an op-shop and adopted it. It's quite simple, mostly in stockinette with garter ridges at each colour change, and it's obviously been made with love and care. Three things that are inspiring you right now? The first thing is a very simple one: yarn-overs! I'm having a real lace phase at the moment, and it’s a lot of fun coming up with new stitches that look like leaves or honeycomb or stars. The second is speckled yarn, either speckle-dyed or tweedy—I love the tiny pops of colour. And the third thing that's inspiring me is my favourite art gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria. Their historical embroidery exhibition blew my mind. Next I'm going to visit their Pre-Raphaelite collection and bask in the colours.  
  This interview is part of our Take 5 series—a collection of bite-sized interviews with designers about the inspirations behind our newest collection—Wool People 9 .


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