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Wool Talks 01: A Look Inside Chargeurs Wool

  At Brooklyn Tweed, we're committed to domestic production. Our yarns are made exclusively with fine, breed-specific wool raised here in the USA. And we don't stop there: Our entire supply chain, from scouring to skeining, is located in the United States.  Making wool yarn in America in 2019 isn't always easy, but to us, it's worth it. Why? One reason is transparency: We want to know that the people and animals who work to create our yarns are respected and compensated for their contribution. A critical step in that supply chain is Chargeurs Wool USA in Jamestown, South Carolina....

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Profile: Fibershed

Last week, we delved into the story of one of the many remarkable teams who seamlessly came together to see to fruition the first iteration of our Ranch Project — Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, California, whose devoted efforts at sustainably stewarding their land and animals resulted in the extraordinary Climate Beneficial American Rambouillet wool that we sourced and spun for Ranch 01. It was through our work with Bare Ranch that we connected with Fibershed and what would become another integral chapter in the Ranch 01 story, and hopefully in our collective fiber and making story as well. [[Video...

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Video: On the Ground in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Our shoot for BT Fall 14 took place in Red Hook, Brooklyn – the perfect backdrop for our fisherman-inspired knitwear. We wrote a bit about the neighborhood in our lookbook feature, and shot a companion video piece to go along with the article which we're sharing today! The footage serves as a sort of visual journal of our own experience there – and sought to capture the character of Red Hook today. We've reposted the article below, too– hope you enjoy! . [embed width="853" height="480"][/embed] . Nineteenth-century engravings show Red Hook, Brooklyn as a blunt spade of land bristling with steeples...

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Behind the Scenes of our BT Kids Photoshoot

Our photoshoot for BT Kids has to rank as one of our most entertaining times on set, ever. We shot the collection with 6 beautiful (and hilarious) children – ranging in ages from 2 to 8 – in a Cobble Hill (Brooklyn) brownstone, as well as the surrounding neighborhood blocks. Shooting a collection is always a wild experience. Despite the epic amount of planning that happens beforehand, variables like weather, location idiosyncrasies, models and collection size make each shoot unique and different in its own way. One thing is always a definite – it's a process that consistently keeps you...

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Wool People 7 Teaser

On the eve of our newest collection launch - Wool People 7 (seven!) – I'm excited to share a short but fun behind-the-scenes video from our two day NYC-based photoshoot. We brought a camcorder to the shoot and passed it around as we worked. The resulting video will give you a glimpse into our Creative Team's process on shoot day, and hopefully get you excited to see the new designs tomorrow! . . Stay tuned tomorrow morning for the launch of our newest - we can't wait to share it! – Jared

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