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Fall Round-Up: Cables

Nothing says fall knitting quite like cables. Many of us have spent the summer knitting airy shawls or linen pullovers, perhaps putting in a few rows on a woolly sleeve for that Rhinebeck sweater when the weather isn’t too oppressive. But once there’s a nip in the air, we can celebrate by diving straight into a pile of good wool and reveling in all the possibilities. This feels like the time of year to take on serious projects—big garments, new techniques, challenging designs that will make us better knitters. Cables offer up endless ways to produce visually appealing and extra-cozy...

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BT Fall 14 – Q&A

Since the launch of BT Fall 14, we've been getting some great questions streaming in over e-mail and social media. We thought it would be great to present a short Q&A today to answer some of the more common queries we've heard so far. .   . The fashion world loves oversized sweaters these days, and we at BT appreciate their coziness (and also the extra large canvas for beautiful handwork). That said, we also know that these garments can be tricky to wear/style for many – so we're focusing on that topic today (as well as the big question...

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BT Kids: Colorwork Spotlight

This morning we’d like to introduce you to three of the colorwork designs in BT Kids: Jared Flood’s Atlas, Véronik Avery’s Magnus, and Julie Hoover’s Carson. These very different garments offer a chance to sink your teeth into techniques you may not have tried, so we’re glad to have the chance to talk about them in more detail. We thought you might also like to learn about the designers’ inspiration for these pieces. . . A visit to Iceland two summers ago cemented Jared’s love for the lopapeysa, the quintessentially Icelandic patterned yoke sweater, and led him to design Atlas. The lopapeysa tradition...

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Savvy Knitting for Kids

Today, guest author Sarah Pope shares some special tips on making the most of knitting for little ones – we hope you enjoy! *  *  * Reveling in the delights of the new BT Kids’ collection, my mind went right to casting on—Berenice for my daughter in Blanket Fort or Postcard! Arlo in Hayloft or Button Jar for my son!—I expect many of us dove straight into fantasies of seeing our own little ones at play in those beautiful garments. Some of us may even have experienced an alarming itch to produce or “borrow” a child just for the pleasure...

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