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Shelter Shade Cards

I'm happy to announce that we finally have shade cards available for Shelter! As of today, they are available to order through our website. Ordering yarn online is fun – but we all know the feelings of deflation that occur when the color that arrives on your doorstep is slightly different from what you anticipated. Shade cards help ward off that experience by letting you see the full palette of a given yarn in person prior to purchase. Over the years I've collected quite an impressive library of them myself (sometimes I get them out for inspiration on dreary days)....

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Sunny Lace

A short post on this Monday morning to offer some visual inspiration at the beginning of your week. It's been more than 2 years since the release of Girasole and it's been one of my favorite projects to watch during that time. There have been so many beautiful versions that I've seen in my travels and on Ravelry in so many different yarn weights, colors and fiber blends – what a completely special experience that has been. So revisiting this pattern recently at BT Headquarters has been deeply satisfying. This version was knit with 12 skeins of Shelter in our...

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Putting It Together: Mill Tour Part 5 of 5

Our yarn has come a long way from its original state as scoured wool. The construction is now complete and only a few finishing touches remain. The yarn must now be removed from the bobbins in 50-gram (140 yard) increments to create individual skeins. The skeining machine (which unfortunately eluded my camera) is set for a certain number of rotations (pre-measured based on that specific yarn's yards-per-gram ratio) which wind off consistent, exact amounts for each skein. The 50-gram skeins are placed in a plastic lined box and sent along for a final wash. In order to remove residual spinning grease...

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Live Free or Ply: Mill Tour Part 4 of 5

Yesterday we ended with a fresh batch of singles loaded up onto bobbins.  Because Shelter is a 2-ply yarn, the next step obviously involves plying, but before that can happen these babies get a trip to the Wool Sauna. A proper steaming of the yarn in its current form is necessary before plying begins. Steaming saturates the fibers with moisture, causing them to relax and accept their new identity as twisted plies. Before steaming, the (newly given) tension in each ply is fighting to unravel.  Much in the same way a good blocking makes everyone's knitting look better *cough*, the...

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Singles Ready to Mingle: Mill Tour Part 3 of 5

We left off yesterday with a rack full of fine strands of roping. Because these ropings currently lack twist, they appear thicker than they will be in the finished yarn. Adding twist to fiber is the key to making yarn -- it traps necessary energy and tension into the yarn, increasing strength and (in most cases) elasticity. The amount of twist you add when making single plies of yarn is very important and can take the hand and behavior of the yarn in different directions. Any amount of twist though, be it a lot or a little, is essential for creating...

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