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Knitting with Naturally Dyed Yarn

For the launch of Ranch 01, we decided to revisit a few of our favorite patterns from Jared’s Woolens collection. Pairing naturally dyed yarns with cozy accessory patterns was an instinctive choice — the tonal natural dyes used for Ranch 01 truly highlight the textures of the Far Hills Hat and Scarf set and the Furrow Cowl and Hat set. We entrusted Winona and Tyler of Green Matters Natural Dye Company with our vision of a yarn that was minimally processed and reflected a closeness to the earth in its appearance. The breathtaking result is a yarn that exhibits a range of colorful variance within...

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Welcome, Ranch 01

Today we welcome Ranch 01, the first in an exciting series of small batch, limited edition, ranch- and breed-specific yarns. The creation of Ranch 01 has marked a special moment in our journey to highlight breed-specific wools, a moment that began with a beautiful clip of Climate Beneficial Wool from The Bare Ranch’s Rambouillet sheep. From the rangeland of Surprise Valley to Jagger Brothers’s bobbins and then to Green Matters’s natural dye pots, Ranch 01 has been a true labor of love. [[Video 265671891]] Each skein of Ranch 01 holds within it a hope for a re-imagined fiber landscape — one where sheep, people, and...

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Profile: Green Matters Natural Dye Company

As Jared set out to develop Ranch 01, the yarn’s origin story and the mission to support Climate Beneficial farming guided him to seek a dyehouse that could create a palette using only natural dye materials. In a moment of kismet, a young enterprise called Green Matters Natural Dye Company reached out to Brooklyn Tweed with a proposal for a dyeing project. A special collaboration was born, and today we profile Green Matters’s work in developing the colors for Ranch 01. Green Matters Natural Dye Company was founded by two entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on society...

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Profile: Fibershed

Last week, we delved into the story of one of the many remarkable teams who seamlessly came together to see to fruition the first iteration of our Ranch Project — Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, California, whose devoted efforts at sustainably stewarding their land and animals resulted in the extraordinary Climate Beneficial American Rambouillet wool that we sourced and spun for Ranch 01. It was through our work with Bare Ranch that we connected with Fibershed and what would become another integral chapter in the Ranch 01 story, and hopefully in our collective fiber and making story as well. [[Video...

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Profile: Bare Ranch

One of the most joyful aspects of our work at Brooklyn Tweed is connecting with remarkable individuals in the world of wool. Melding passions and expertise can create magic, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer Ranch 01, a new single-batch yarn that showcases extraordinary Rambouillet wool grown by the Estill family of Bare Ranch. In addition to Rambouillet sheep, the Estills also raise Suffolk sheep, cattle, and hay, on a northern California ranch first established by Thomas Bare in 1888. Nestled in the Surprise Valley on the Nevada border, the Bare Ranch was built by pioneers and is...

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