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Spotlight: Jackdaw

Today we take a closer look at Jackdaw, Norah Gaughan’s shawl-collar pullover for BT Men 2. We asked her to talk about the genesis of Jackdaw’s original cable motif, which really sets this sweater apart. Here’s Norah: The cable pattern for Jackdaw is the result—or should I say, one of the results—of about two years’ worth of experimentation with cabling ribbed stitches. About 20 years ago I spent a good deal of my time and artistic energy developing pattern stitches, mostly cables. I had an agent who toted them around 7th Avenue in New York City, selling the large swatches to designers...

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Spotlight: Carbon

For today’s Design Spotlight, we asked Véronik Avery to talk about her Carbon pullover. This arresting design uses traditional stranded colorwork techniques — including steeks! — to achieve a totally modern effect. This sweater holds secrets at every turn, from clever shaping updates for a better fit at the shoulders to a message of the knitter’s choice concealed inside the hem. Here’s Véronik: It’s no secret that I love stranded knitting; I find it almost as easy as plain stockinette but infinitely more interesting. And while I love traditional colorwork, I’m going through a phase where I’m trying to strip...

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Spotlight: Bradbury

Our design spotlight today is on Bradbury, Julie Hoover’s classic striped raglan with a contemporary twist. We’ll yield the floor to Julie to tell you all about the genesis and special details of this design. (She just might sell you on seaming a sweater if you’ve never tried this construction method before!) When it came time to begin concepts for our second men’s collection, I knew I wanted to design a striped pullover—an updated classic that would feel sexy and sophisticated but could still be versatile enough to dress up or down. I almost always start with the fabric for a design,...

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Spotlight: Chainlink

One of the most intriguing garments from BT Winter 15 is Norah Gaughan’s Chainlink tunic. Today we’re giving her the floor to talk about the inspiration and construction of this unusual sweater. I didn't join the Brooklyn Tweed design team until May, so sadly I missed the field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Luckily for me—and for anyone who wants to spend an afternoon down a rabbit hole admiring some of the best art humans have ever made—the Met generously offers images of its holdings online. Chainlink is the union of a photograph in the Met collection—a very...

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Spotlight: Yishu & Shui-Mo

Michele Wang used our designers’ outing to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to dive into a special exhibit entitled Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China. Today she tells us about the inspiration she found in that show, which led her to create Shui-mo and Yishu for our BT Winter 15 collection. As a first generation Chinese-American, I was extremely moved and proud to see the creative expression coming out of China, a country I have strong ties to, yet know very little about. All of the pieces in Ink Art were inspired by traditional ink paintings, calligraphy, and the abstract simplicity of...

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