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Wool People 12 Launch

The transition from spring to summer invites us to consider our knitting in new ways, and with this in mind we are elated to be releasing our Wool People 12 collection today with its array of easy to wear sweaters and accessories that are perfect for this seasonal shift. Inspired by the organic subtleties of coastal formations, Wool People 12 elevates simplicity of shape with intricate details and engaging techniques. Each designer featured in this collection has made the most of our Loft, Peerie, Arbor, and Vale yarns — finding the sweet spot where lightness of hand meets structure and drape....

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Profile: Green Matters Natural Dye Company

As Jared set out to develop Ranch 01, the yarn’s origin story and the mission to support Climate Beneficial farming guided him to seek a dyehouse that could create a palette using only natural dye materials. In a moment of kismet, a young enterprise called Green Matters Natural Dye Company reached out to Brooklyn Tweed with a proposal for a dyeing project. A special collaboration was born, and today we profile Green Matters’s work in developing the colors for Ranch 01. Green Matters Natural Dye Company was founded by two entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on society...

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First Impressions: Knitting with Vale

The designers we selected to contribute to Wool People 11 were among the first knitters to sample our new Rambouillet laceweight, Vale. Today we share their impressions of the yarn as we feature their beautiful stoles. Natalie Servant contributed Prism to this collection. Printed with diamonds and rhombuses, this geometric design can be a lace stole or a cowl. The charted shapes are filled with shifting textures — knit, purl, garter — so there’s more solid fabric than in many lace accessories, which puts Vale’s smooth and balanced preparation on display. Natalie wrote, “I really enjoyed knitting with Vale. I...

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Wool People 11: Fabric and Texture

We’re celebrating independence and collaboration with the release of Wool People 11 today! We always enjoy the chance our Wool People project offers to work alongside independent designers, both new and established — there’s a sense of fresh energy and perspective in combing through the hundreds of submissions we receive for these collections and in bringing the selected designs to life. This issue feels extra special because it incorporates our two newest yarns, Arbor and Vale. Next week we’ll do a feature on the Vale accessories and share the designers’ thoughts about working with our new laceweight. But before we...

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