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Wool People 9

Dear Knitters, Summer arrived early in Oregon this year. We’ve been working hard to fix up our new headquarters and bring some wonderful new team members aboard. But we’re also taking full advantage of the unbelievable weather, taking weekends to explore the beautiful mountains and fertile valleys that surround our new city. We’ve been scouting locations for future collection shoots, making connections with possible partners for exciting long-term projects, and occasionally just kicking up our heels and picking incredible fresh fruit on local farms (Mt. Hood strawberries are my favorite find so far). And of course there’s always plenty of knitting....

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BT Men | Volume 2

The wait is over! Many of you have been hoping for new men’s patterns with every BT collection launch since we released BT Men back in July 2013. Today we’re delighted to share that we’ve been dreaming the same dream. When we think about knitwear for men, we think about fun, comfortable, easy-to-wear garments that integrate seamlessly with the tried-and-true favorites in their closets. We think about classic shapes, subtly updated with a few contemporary details. We’ve done our best to pull together a collection of ten fresh sweaters and three handsome accessories that will stand the test of time...

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Spotlight: Yishu & Shui-Mo

Michele Wang used our designers’ outing to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to dive into a special exhibit entitled Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China. Today she tells us about the inspiration she found in that show, which led her to create Shui-mo and Yishu for our BT Winter 15 collection. As a first generation Chinese-American, I was extremely moved and proud to see the creative expression coming out of China, a country I have strong ties to, yet know very little about. All of the pieces in Ink Art were inspired by traditional ink paintings, calligraphy, and the abstract simplicity of...

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Wool People 8

Dear Knitters, Welcome to late fall! We’ve had some glorious autumn days here on the east coast, with blue skies and red-gold leaves. My local farmers' market has been bursting with crimson apples, dark leafy greens, and truckloads of colorful winter squash. But let’s face it, the season when we’ll have to start making our own color is at hand! Thank goodness for yarn. I never feel ready to let go of these brilliant fall hues as late autumn sets in, and color selection for my own knitting usually reflects that (earlier this week I cast on for a new...

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BT Fall 14 – Q&A

Since the launch of BT Fall 14, we've been getting some great questions streaming in over e-mail and social media. We thought it would be great to present a short Q&A today to answer some of the more common queries we've heard so far. .   . The fashion world loves oversized sweaters these days, and we at BT appreciate their coziness (and also the extra large canvas for beautiful handwork). That said, we also know that these garments can be tricky to wear/style for many – so we're focusing on that topic today (as well as the big question...

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