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Wool Talks 01: A Look Inside Chargeurs Wool

  At Brooklyn Tweed, we're committed to domestic production. Our yarns are made exclusively with fine, breed-specific wool raised here in the USA. And we don't stop there: Our entire supply chain, from scouring to skeining, is located in the United States.  Making wool yarn in America in 2019 isn't always easy, but to us, it's worth it. Why? One reason is transparency: We want to know that the people and animals who work to create our yarns are respected and compensated for their contribution. A critical step in that supply chain is Chargeurs Wool USA in Jamestown, South Carolina....

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The Value of Domestic Finewool

The demand for finewool is soaring both at home and internationally, as consumers worldwide rediscover the benefits of wearing, crafting, and living with wool. In order to meet this demand sustainably, the cost of domestic finewool has risen multiple times this past year, as have the labor costs at other stages of the supply chain in textile manufacturing (shearing, baling, and scouring). This is good news for our wool growers, who are now benefiting from a market in which the labor and care they devote to preserving and furthering the traditions of the American sheep industry are reflected in and...

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Say hello to Peerie!

Today we have the thrill and pleasure to share our newest core yarn with knitters around the world. Peerie is four worsted-spun plies of all-American Merino wool, soft and sleek and springy, perfectly suited for stranded colorwork and so much more. It comes in our largest palette yet — 45 sumptuous solids — to support the tonal shifts, complementary notes, and zings of contrast necessary for Fair Isle-inspired knits. Any yarn we add to our permanent stable needs to be a true workhorse, so we made sure Peerie would shine in all kinds of projects, from textural stitchwork to cables...

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Knitting with Naturally Dyed Yarn

For the launch of Ranch 01, we decided to revisit a few of our favorite patterns from Jared’s Woolens collection. Pairing naturally dyed yarns with cozy accessory patterns was an instinctive choice — the tonal natural dyes used for Ranch 01 truly highlight the textures of the Far Hills Hat and Scarf set and the Furrow Cowl and Hat set. We entrusted Winona and Tyler of Green Matters Natural Dye Company with our vision of a yarn that was minimally processed and reflected a closeness to the earth in its appearance. The breathtaking result is a yarn that exhibits a range of colorful variance within...

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Welcome, Ranch 01

Today we welcome Ranch 01, the first in an exciting series of small batch, limited edition, ranch- and breed-specific yarns. The creation of Ranch 01 has marked a special moment in our journey to highlight breed-specific wools, a moment that began with a beautiful clip of Climate Beneficial Wool from The Bare Ranch’s Rambouillet sheep. From the rangeland of Surprise Valley to Jagger Brothers’s bobbins and then to Green Matters’s natural dye pots, Ranch 01 has been a true labor of love. [[Video 265671891]] Each skein of Ranch 01 holds within it a hope for a re-imagined fiber landscape — one where sheep, people, and...

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