Saturday the weather was too beautiful for city dwelling. We jumped in the car heading North from Boston with visions of red leaves as our guide . We ended up enjoying New Hampshire for the day and hiking in the White Mountains. Let me just say, you New Englanders know how to serve up a beautiful Fall! I had a great time (in Boston as well) and threw the Swallowtail in the bag, just in case a photo opportunity presented itself. In an afternoon-light-bathed forest, how could I resist?
Swallowtail 1
Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark Source: Interweave Knits Magazine; Fall 2006 Materials: Elann's Baby Silk (80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk) in 'Parchment' (just over 3 balls) Needles: US 4 (mm) Addi Turbo Circulars Total Cost: $10 (!)
Started: 11 August 2006 Completed: 25 August 2006 (dates approximate)  
Swallowtail 5
This project, while still being in the 'simple lace' category to me, was much more exciting and enjoyable than the other Evelyn Clark patterns that I've knit. I like the combination of motifs... but really its all about lace bobbles. They're awesome! Nupps for life!
Swallowtail 4
There's not much more to say. I've seen a bunch of people make this great project, and if you like how looks... I say, make one too! Its definitely on the small side, but thats how it was intended. I would really enjoy doing the pattern again in say... a worsted? It'd be bigger, and the nupps would be even more voluminous...
Swallowtail 7 Swallowtail 2
I hate that its Monday already, but here's hoping everyone has a great week. Keep knitting.
Swallowtail 6


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