As we rev our engines for Brooklyn Tweed’s first official knitalong, we’re happily anticipating the participation of seasoned lace veterans and knitters who are new to lace knitting. Laceweight garments and open-work patterns are a great way to keep your knitting needles in action once things begin to heat up at the start of summer. Along with the recent launch of our newest laceweight yarn, Vale, we thought this season to be the perfect time to jump into knitting lace feet (and hands) first! In the spirit of sharing knowledge about this special facet of our craft and cheering everyone on to success, we want to use our blog to offer tips and techniques during the KAL and begin a conversation on how to successfully knit lace. Remember, we love questions and we welcome experienced folks chiming in to share what works for them, so please comment early and often during this series! Additionally, we will go into greater depth on the topic of knitting lace over the course of two blog posts (scheduled for July 14 and August 4), which will include answers to common questions asked throughout the KAL.

We'll respond to questions in the BT Fan Club Forum on Ravelry, as well as admire your shared projects. In addition to joining us on Ravelry, please use the KAL hashtags listed below on any and all social media posts you make that share your project and progress. We’ll be re-posting images from participating knitters throughout the KAL.

The official cast-on day for the KAL is July 7. We look forward to knitting, and learning, alongside you!

Hashtags#BTLaceKAL17 #BrooklynTweedKAL

How to Join the Summer of Lace KAL: First, choose your favorite yarn and knitting project that has a lace stitch pattern. The project should be knit with BT yarn and/or a BT pattern. If you already have a WIP, feel free to join the KAL to finish your project or ask us questions if you're stuck.

New to lace? We recommend knitting with a heavier weight yarn, such as Arbor or Shelter, for your first lace project.

Then, head over to the Summer of Lace KAL Pre-Chatter thread on Ravelry where you can introduce yourself and share your plan for what you’re going to knit. Feel free to include any questions or topics you'd like the KAL to address. Blog Schedule:

June 28: Special Pattern Release June 30: Project Planning, Part 1: Getting to know your pattern July 2: Project Planning, Part 2: Tools and Swatching July 7: Cast-On Day July 14: Lace Knitting Q & A, Part 1 July 21: Heirloom Stitches July 28: Lace Blocking August 4: Lace Knitting Q & A, Part 2 August 11: KAL Wrap-Up

On Wednesday, we will reveal the newest member of the BT Design Team. In celebration of the lace KAL, this person has designed a new lace pattern which will be available as a limited-edition knitting kit on our webstore as well as a PDF download. Stay tuned!


  • I’m really looking forward to joining in the BT Lace KAL – a perfect opportunity to focus on a pattern I’ve been wanting to work on and for which I recently purchased some beautiful BT Vale. Great timing and a nice project for summertime knitting!

    Barb on

  • Very exciting indeed, 2 days to go …

    Papisbaby on

  • Pretty excited that my yarn has arrived in time…bring on lace knitting and a girasole shawl

    Linden Crane on

  • What’s the pattern in the photo up above? That’s a beautiful lace pattern!

    Marianne Ahokas on

  • Do you have any suggestions for the KAL? Would love to do it

    Betty on

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