You all know I'm not a big fan of sock knitting. This I'm sure seems like blasphemy to the lot of you. I've tried, really, to break through to the other side. I've completed two pairs, and started a good number of others. It just never sticks. And that whole second sock thing? Impossible. So today I bring you yet another attempt to get on-board this ship. One lonely sock which I'm sorry to say will remain alone. I don't plan on making another. My excuse is that I need more yarn and the color I need is sold out. You should know, however, I only discovered this after deciding already to cap this project prematurely. After all, one sock is enough to take some nice photos... so I don't feel like it's a complete bust.
Pattern: My own patchwork of internet techniques Details: Toe-Up with Magic Cast-On (Love this) and short row heel using yarn over method Materials: Elann Esprit in Tarragon #5345 (Green) & Brown (Sold Out) Needles: US 2's and US 3's (for ribbing)
I was excited to try a sock yarn that had elastic in it. I thought I would like it because the composition closely resembles that of most of the store-bought socks I wear. How can you go wrong with cotton that does have memory? Well, I won't say I was disappointed, but I wasn't in love. The cotton is spun in a way that feels, for lack of a better word, crunchy. I definitely didn't have the tactile 'cant-put-you-down' relationship I usually have with my projects. I hear the resounding "told-ya-so's" echoing from my wool closet. How many times must I test the golden rule? WOOL IS ALL. I also think knitting a sock for US Mens 12 loses some of its appeal. I do like how it looks in the pictures. Unfortunately, I can't wear photographs. Oh if only.


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