In a desperate attempt for sanity I started a scarf. Maybe... 3 inches has been produced? Will I touch it for another month? We can hope, but probably not. It's a loosely plied yak/merino blend from School Products that I've been itching to use since I splurged on it last winter. If you've never knit with yak, I say treat yourself to a small project. You'll be glad you did.
A Honeycomb Begins
I've been shooting a lot of photos lately which has been nice. Winter light is hard to beat in my book (ironically, the photos below are unnaturally lit...sorry. I'm not on top of my game). And because I know you here are the only ones who will dig it, I took some pictures of my roommate's (machine-knit *hissss*) sweater because ... well, you see why. It's a real looker!
Lui's Gap Sweater 2 Lui's Gap Sweater 1 click for a better view
I'm flying to Washington in the middle of the night tonight and will be blissfully on holiday for the next 9 days. I couldn't be happier. I'm sure to keep my seatmates warm with a huge blanket-like pile of red wool on the plane. I hope they don't mind. As far as additional knitting, I have yet to do my strategic packing. There's nothing worse than touching down on the opposite coast and realizing you forgot that trusty darning needle or your US 6 dpn's (the ones you need to finish your sweater). I'll be brandishing a laptop and a nikon and knitting (all my favorite toys). I hope to post from Brooklyn Tweed Headquarters Washington, but for now let me say happy holidays and thanks again for all or your continued support. I really enjoy doing this here with you all. Wooly holidays for everyone!


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