I've begun the yoke shaping on the seamless hybrid, it feels great to finally get to the exciting stuff after knitting three long tubes for the last two weeks (body and sleeves). There's nothing like that first long knit row that joins them all together, ahhhh......... I'm flying home to Seattle this weekend for a wedding (read: many hours on the plane with bamboo needles and yoke shaping). I'd love to come home with a finished project. I'll try. I didn't want to end the week without showing you something. I haven't been shooting many photos in the last couple of days, but I do have a picture of Demi that I owe you. I figure its about time that I reveal what I'm doing with this thing:
Demi Front Panel
with modified center panel
If you're not familiar with the original design, I took out the center panel (rife with bobbles galore) and subbed in this one. The simple knit-purl ladder motif just shot into my head one day as a harmonious solution - and I really loved the idea. Despite my urge for some complex, sinuous cable pattern, I just wasn't able to come up with anything that I liked better. I liked the simplicity and the geometric contrast - and I still like it. I hope it holds its texture after blocking. Also, I'll be doing a nice and thick cable motif up the center of each sleeve, which I think will balance it out nicely (and satisfy my cabling urges).
Knitting on Demi should resume next week, and maybe I'll have a finished sweater to show you by then also.


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