two years ago my dear friend bought me two skeins of manos for my birthday. the color was perfect and i always liked the yarn too much to commit to one project. through all the moving that has happened in the last year, some of my yarn had fallen out of my greater consciousness. recently i reassessed my stash in hopes of formulating a strategy for using as much of it as possible. i was surprised to find these two hanks of manos sitting at the bottom of a box. i'm usually more aware of the presence of finer fibers in my home. what a great surprise it was! kind of like finding a $20 dollar bill in an old coat pocket. so i wound them up, picked up the needles and pumped this baby out in a couple of evenings. i've seen this scarf done up in so many variations, i'm sure it wont be too exciting to add another one to the internet-proper, but thought i'd post it anyway. plus, i've never seen anything knit up in this colorway and its definitely one of my favorites.
My So Called Scarf 2
check out those colors for anyone who has yet to use this pattern and might still be planning on it, i'd say go for it. its a very fast knit, worked on large needles because of all the PSSO-ing thats happening. there is slight curl to the fabric, but not to an annoying degree (well, its slightly annoying, but tolerable.) i have been thinking of blocking it, but so far have been too lazy for anything like that
My So Called Scarf 3My So Called Scarf 1
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: my-so-called-scarf (free) materials: manos del uruguay variegated "granite" needles: us 11 straight bamboo in other news: i received my Ufserud kit from bea ellis knitwear on tuesday and have been knitting away on it.. i'm already starting the crown decreasing. its going much faster than i thought! dont have pictures yet, but will probably take some this weekend (they might be finished pictures... we'll see how much time i get). see you on the flipside.


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