there's been a lot of knitting around here, although not a lot of exciting progress to post. i guess thats standard protocol when you'v got a DK weight sweater on the needles. i did a little stashbusting recently when the hat bug came around biting. i can only go so long without making a new hat... and my hat drawer is beyond overfull. never stopped anyone though.
Odessa 1 Pattern: Odessa (sans beads) by Grumperina Source: MagKnits Feb '06 Materials: Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in 'Taupe' (1.5 balls. yardage SUCKED, but i got it on super sale) Needles: US 4 addis for brim and US 6 bamboos for the rest>
Modifcations: just minor ones. subbed an aran weight yarn (although to me DB merino aran is more like a DK, similar to KnitPicks Merino, just a liiittle heavier) for the required Cashsoft DK. this accounted for sizing the hat larger (24.25" melonhead here people), so I didn't have to change the numbers in the pattern. I also added a little length to the ribbing on the brim to 'stabalize' it - a lot of Odessa's i've seen that have the recommended 1" brim, once stretched over the noggin, look a little crooked (the brim on the bottom is pulled slightly diagonal by the stitch pattern above). I added an inch and it works better for me. oh, and no beads. this pattern was fun! thanks, Kathy! on the Jarrett front: i've completed the back piece. its not wildly exciting to look at, but of course i'm gonna show you anyway.
Jarrett Back
wow, yeah the back piece of a sweater. you're all excited, i can tell. but WAIT. there's more to this piece than meets the eye. now, if you haven't tried a tubular cast on before, you may not understand the giddiness, but if you have - theres no explanation needed.
Tubular Cast On
tubular. this is the first time i've actually done the tubular thing, although i've wanted to for a while. turns out, i hardly ever work something in 1x1 ribbing. it adds that little extra detail and cleanliness that gets me really pumped up about a project! and makes the finished product that much more special and pro-fesh. sure it takes longer... but feeling that rounded edge afterwards makes it all worth it (i just cast on for the front pieces last night, so i got to do it again, hence the excitement). unfortunately, i wont be getting my usual huge chunk of knitting time this weekend, which i'm pretty bummed about, but i will be doing other great things like seeing good art and BBQ-ing (philly baby!). so i'm not complaining. knit something warm - screw the summer! have a good weekend y'all.


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