We’ve loved following along with the Slow Fashion October movement this month and thought we’d join in the fun with a group photo featuring our Portland office team in their handknits. Regardless of whether or not you participated in Slow Fashion October, we appreciate that there is a time set aside to have these conversations, which can be continued throughout the year. Read more about Slow Fashion October on the Fringe Association blog. And in case you're wondering what we're wearing(!), patterns from left to right are: Stasis (Loft), Rift (Shelter), Manzanilla (Arbor), Sous Sous (Arbor), Little Wave (Shelter), Timberline (Shelter), Hayward (Loft), Freeport (Shelter doubled), Grettir (Shelter).


  • I have realized that you are all in sweaters.Coincidence?

    ben on

  • Great photo. Please make them in color next time!

    Jenn on

  • Great post on “Slow Fashion October”. Looking forward to see more posts like this.

    Siyan on

  • Very nice – you guys are all so adorable!

    Tracy on

  • It’s great to see normal people wearing these sweaters instead of fashion models. It shows how really wearable they are.

    Francis on

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