not much to report over the last couple of days. work/life has been busy. i've been finding small chunks of time to knit here and there, but nothing substantial. k and i are leaving today on a 3 day roadtrip up to canada/niagra falls. staying at a great little b & b and trying to relax away some accumulated (ny)city-suffocation. i need a vacation, even if it is only an extended weekend! the drive will be long and beautiful and should result in major headway on both Ene and the Beaverslide Scarf. i've thrown in a photo of the scarf in-progress. nothing two exciting: 1x1 ribbing so its thick and reversible, striping the two colors and carrying the excess yarn up one side. its supposed to be cold in canada so maybe i can start utilizing the warmth right away....
Beaverslide Scarf Progress
and heres a (semi-random) picture of a little project i felt like making. a miniature raglan. possible prototype. i have been cooking up a striped raglan (sized for an adult) in my mind. we'll see if that every materializes. so yes, this little thing will be a little valentine gift for my valentine. why was making this fun? logically, it seems pointless.... but i enjoyed it nonetheless. see you next week! i'm off to canada!


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