hi everyone. i'm sorry to get your hopes up when you see an updated post on your list of feeds - i think you may have been expecting a finished jarret perhaps? well, i'm very sorry to say that we have a small problem that will require a little reknitting. RE-knitting. sleevecaps to be exact. and at this point, when EVERYTHING is complete, all the pieces, button bands sewn on, ends woven in, collar knit and (tubularly) bound off.... re-knitting anything seems inconceivable. so i'm frustrated and gonna give it a few days. i had translated the patten into a slightly finer guage, and took extra care, checking, double checking, even triple checking all the calculations for that change, especially in regards to the sleeve cap. in looking over the pattern i'm still pretty sure i've done everything right, as far as measurement translation is concerned, but it just wont. fit. so i'm doing my own research, scrapping the pattern and taking matters into my own hands. unfortunately, all the research i've done so far yields varied results depending on which book i'm reading, whose writing it, and what their ideas are about cap shaping, proportions, etc. are. i'd say that set-in sleeve design is surely the spottiest area of my design knowledge. i guess this is good cause it will force me to understand these things a little better than i already do. oh and for the record - rowan schematics suck. they give you only two measurements - total body length, and sleeve lenght from armhole to wrist. nothing more. no measurements regarding armhole depth, cap depth/width, etc. while i've done my best to gleen all this info from the pattern text, i get all the same (wrong) measurements i already have. if they bothered to give more thorough measurements in the schematic for us visual types, this would be a whole lot easier. i expected more from you, rowan. ;) needless to say, i'm frustrated and am taking a couple of days off from this one to relax into the tranquil Raspy field of stockinett. when i do finally get these caps redone correctly, i'll have all of 20 minutes of seaming left to completely finish the sweater and i can finally check Jarrett off the list. so close - yet so far. my apologies - i dont like to post without images for you all. i'll make up for it with a few extra surprises next week, i just made a wonderful purchase that you will all benefit from shortly. have a good weekend!


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