I'm happy to announce that we finally have shade cards available for Shelter! As of today, they are available to order through our website. Ordering yarn online is fun – but we all know the feelings of deflation that occur when the color that arrives on your doorstep is slightly different from what you anticipated. Shade cards help ward off that experience by letting you see the full palette of a given yarn in person prior to purchase. Over the years I've collected quite an impressive library of them myself (sometimes I get them out for inspiration on dreary days). They're such a luxury to have on hand, especially when planning for projects. If you've wanted to order some Shelter, but were wary of trusting your monitor, these should help - and they always ship free. Enjoy!


  • Beautiful shade cards. I love that your yarn is American made. Did you have the shade cards produced in the US?


    Ellen on

  • Stylin’ shade cards!

    Voie de Vie on

  • The shade color cards are beatiful and such a great reflection of your wonderful photography, Jared.

    MB@YarnUiPhoneApp on

  • Dear Jared,

    I’m very fond of your scarf patterns, as well as your new line of fiber.
    Almanac is the color I have so far, it’s soft with a rich tone.

    Would you be able to you recommend, or are you working on a design, for a seaman- style scarf pattern?

    Charlene on

  • Oh fabulous! Just ordered. Have two lots of your yarn I’m knitting up at the moment. Will be wonderful to have the shade card.

    Thank you. :)

    Janette on

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