Our latest collection, BT Yokes, offers even the most seasoned colorwork knitter lots of opportunity for experimentation. We had fun playing with color options for Schulz, a unisex pullover designed by Michele Wang. Try Cinnabar or Thistle for a bright pop of vintage nostalgia, or a neutral like Cast Iron or Pumpernickel for a slightly more subdued effect. These are just a few ideas — we can't wait to see what you come up with! The colorways as shown in the photo above: 1 — Almanac (C1), Fossil (C2) & Cast Iron (C3) 2 — Tent (C1), Fossil (C2) & Cast Iron (C3) 3 — Thistle (C1), Fossil (C2) & Cast Iron (C3) 4 — Cast Iron (C1 & C3), Fossil (C2) 5 — Pumpernickel (C1), Fossil (C2) & Cast Iron (C3) 6 — Embers (C1), Fossil (C2) & Cast Iron (C3) 7 — Hayloft (C1), Fossil (C2) & Cast Iron (C3) 8 — Cinnabar (C1), Fossil (C2) & Cast Iron (C3)

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  • Our last name is Schulz. Was mighty surprised when I saw the name of this one. Can’t not make this one.?

    Sandra Schulz on

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