what did i do today? SEAMED ALL DAY. or at least thats what it feels like.... but hey, i think it was worth it.
Urban Aran Post Seaming
freshly laid seams
theres still the matter of the zipper. and, although it looks great on the bed, i'm having some collar issues. i'm assesing my creative options. i'm thinking i might extend the collar to act as a hood-like shawl collar (not a real hood). i have one ball of yarn left... i might as well experiment? the current collar has a slight (elizabethan) ruffle effect when upright, i'm not really digging it. i might try reknitting it with a smaller needle to make it a little more sturdy. this will throw off my timeline (purchase and sew zipper tomorrow), but i'd rather make it perfect than settle for less. after the zipper and collar resolution, you'll get the post of your life! extensive notes, modifaction talk, and general opinions to come... and some great photos. oh and the fit? like a glove.


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