We've gotten tons of nice requests for an official pattern to be made up for my Romney Kerchief that was posted here in April. The pattern has been through the gauntlet and come out on the other side all polished and shiny for you.

We've worked up another sample version of the pattern in Shelter ("Nest") to provide an alternative to the handspun used in the original pattern.  The Shelter version is soft, squishy and lovely – it's already a wardrobe favorite at BT Headquarters.

This is my favorite type of project: two skeins, easy knitting and a chic result.  Just the type of knitting I like to take on long trips when a portable form of solace is required.  It's also the type of project you find yourself knitting multiple times without a second thought. Rather addictive, really.

The pattern is written as a standard kerchief size whose blocked dimensions measure 41" at wingspan & 20" at central spine of triangle.  I've included instructions in the pattern for extending the finished dimensions to best suit your own vision. The size is very easily modified.  Instructions are provided in both written and charted form.


Ravelry |  Brooklyn Tweed

The pattern as written requires about 245 yards of yarn -- the Shelter version uses well under 2 skeins. I hope those of you who have been wanting to knit this one enjoy it! Thanks for all your requests – we love to be able to give knitters what they want!


  • I can’t wait to see all the variations of this kerchief. It would be fun to do it in, say, cream and then hand paint some of the stripes navy with a dye.

    MB at Yarn U iPhone app on

  • I have been waiting for this!!! I already purchased the Shelter yarn for this pattern a few months ago. Thank you!!!

    sarangdino on

  • This is excellent! I’ll admit, I’ve not been to your blog since the site moved, and I’m quite thrilled with the look of things here. Way back in the day, your posts are what originally inspired me to make the leap from simple scarves to more complicated garments. I’ve still got quite a ways to go, but I just wanted to say thanks just the same. Keep up the stellar work.

    Joshua Carlson on

  • Even if I have to be late for my first class at Madrona, I’m headed to the fiber market FIRST THING to pick up some Shelter. Guess what will be on MY needles on the plane ride home?!?

    Susan on

  • Thank you so much. I’m casting on right now :)

    suncatcher on

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