Retiring Colorways

As we enter 2020 - our tenth year of business and the beginning of a fresh decade of fiber - we find ourselves in a time of reflection and revitalization. Staying true to our wooly American roots has always been the bedrock of our company. By partnering exclusively with ranches, mills and dye houses in the United States, we have been able to bolster our domestic fiber supply chain and bring you a happy array of colorways and yarn lines.

We have long dreamed of a rotating palette of enticing colors in each of our core yarn lines. To do so requires evolution in how we think about our colorways. As seasons change, so do tastes. Will our obsession with mustard ever cease? Probably not, but who knew we would be as captivated by toffee and blush as we are now? We endeavor to bring you the most beautiful, nuanced hues to incorporate into your wardrobe. Making space for the entry of these fresh, contemporary colors means parting ways with existing shades.

In order to keep the fiber supply chain flowing and work loads commensurate with quality, we are unveiling a new stage to our color story: retirement. When a tree falls in the forest, new growth takes its place. The woods grow and thrive. So, too, when one colorway is retired, will space be made for new hues to step into the sunlight and flourish. Never fear. Your old favorites like Cast Iron, Hayloft and Fossil are here to stay. And dare we say, they may shine even brighter beside their new friends.

The journey from sheep to skein is not a short one, to be sure. But we so look forward to sharing these new colors with you over time! Expect a rotating cast of colors — new, fresh and vibrant. Infinite opportunities to fall in love. Dreamy.

Thank you for joining us on this new step in our wooly evolution. Bringing inspiring colors to your needles and joy to your making is ever our desire.


Nothing gold can stay and these treasured colors are phasing into retirement to make way for new favorites:


  • Too bad you discontinues Wreath!! Hope you can bring it back. Please let me know if you do.


  • I’m so so so so so so so so so so so so disappointed that I missed Wreath! I have great difficulty finding green yarn in a tone that doesn’t make me look ill, and this would have been perfect!!! Hate that I missed out! I adore your yarns and your patterns, but I find I’m usually restricted to dark greys and blacks because there are so few winter jewel shades around. I know it’s hard to get that in a beautiful wool fibre, but every now and then, one shows up. I can’t believe I missed it!

    Helene Goldberg on

  • awwww…how did I miss Wreath???? the prettiest green EVER!…no offense intended…your colors are FABULOUS!!!

    Pat Butterworth on

  • Can’t imagine that you can find a color as vibrant as Thistle! Hope it remains in the Loft selection.

    Ann on

  • Firebrush is the perfect bright red! Not too orange, not too blue, not dimmed by gray. Every yarn collection needs one—I think it should be a perennial. What will you replace it with??

    Peggy on

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