remember when my bro visited and i got to feast my grubby hands on all his fun lenses? well... i couldn't hold out any longer and bought myself the long-sought-after 1.4 nikkor-S (an old manual version, they dont make 'em like that any more!). i justified it as an early birthday present... (one month early). a treat for myself that i know i will use and i couldn't argue with the price on ebay. plus i love those old vintage nikkors, especially the japanese manufactured ones (the sound of the shuttersnap is just unbeatable)! say hello to my new baby (i'm sure you will all enjoy her as much as i will):
My New Baby
nikkor-S 1:1.4 50mm lens. japanese manufactured. you can be sure that you will be seeing even more gratuitous fiber photos around these parts than usual. i'm sure you wont protest. here are a couple peeks into my (very reasonably sized) stash.
Bulky Merino 1 Silky Tweed
bulky merino 6-ply :: silky tweed my internet connection is out at home presently. the cable guy/girl is supposed to come fix it today. like i believe that! i've lived in brooklyn long enough to see through time-warners empty promises. so i may be out of commision until monday, if so i'll get back to you then. have a great weekend!


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