The Iconic Red Scarf is something that I've been thinking about a lot this year.  A little splash of red is a great way to class up so many different wardrobe choices — especially if, like me, your clothing tends towards all things grey. The Red Scarf has been hanging around on my short list of design projects for a long time and when I first saw the Long Johns colorway of Shelter, it seemed that its time had finally come.

Pavement is a textured scarf that addresses the nagging issue of reversibility.  It can become a worrisome chore, constantly adjusting a scarf so that the Right Side is always facing the public, and knitters seem to be especially attuned to this conundrum.

The textured cable featured in this pattern is completely reversible, which gives a nice peace of mind to those of us who find the Wrong Side of our work bothersome when worn (the photo above shows both sides of the work). Lately I've been loving cables that draw from the purl 'ditches' that flank them -- I love the additional texture and interest it gives to otherwise traditional cables.  And the reversibility element it brings makes it that much sweeter.

The blocked width of the scarf is 7.25" with the pattern providing three different length options for a Short, Medium, or Long Version.  The pattern is available now here at BT or through Ravelry.

What perfect scarf wearing weather we are having -- it's been cold and & bright here, following the holiday blizzard.  Plenty of beautiful winter light for photography, despite daylight's short hours.  It really is my favorite time of year. Time to get a little perspective on things that have happened, and focus on things to come.  2010 was a whirlwind for me personally and professionally with many major tectonic shifts -- it was probably one of the most exciting years of my life.  I've been working with my BT team to put together projects for 2011 that I hope will be equally exciting and meaningful.

I hope that you are looking forward to what might be coming next in your own life, with knitting always as our common punctuation.


  • Genius.

    Barbara on

  • Love. That. Scarf.

    Tamara on

  • great scarf… eerie though, in this photo shoot you look SO like my brother in law, lol.

    turtle on

  • You’re writing is like poetry to me here – I love the way you speak of knitting, winter, light, life, and common punctuation together. I can’t really tell what the stich is like upclose, those purl flanks…. aren’t cables always flanked by purls?

    Kateri on

  • Great scarf! I would never bother with a scarf that wasn’t reversible and your cable is very interesting indeed.

    Carol (rududu) on

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