I've been scurrying around the US so much in the last few weeks that I completely forgot to mention that I have two patterns that are now available as PDF downloads in my store, both on Brooklyn Tweed and on Ravelry.

The Alberta vest was published last year in Wild Fibers Magazine and can now be purchased as a stand-alone pattern.

Alberta Vest

Upon request I've also made the Wool Leaves Baby Blanket available as well, for any of you who were interested in making one too! There are links below to both Ravelry as well as BT.

Wool Leaves

* * * * * *

*Alberta Preview.jpg


on Ravelry | on BrooklynTweed

*Wool Leaves Preview.jpg

W O O L   L E A V E S

on Ravelry | on BrooklynTweed

* * * * * *

As for me, I'm currently having that frantic moment before a long trip when you have to decide what (oh, what) knitting to bring. I tend to always overcompensate and bring too much, so I'm trying to be reasonable. I won't finish 3 lace shawls on vacation. I know that. And I can exercise control to be away from said shawls for a week... in theory.

I'll be back at the end of the month. Until then, I'll be knitting (and eating) in Italy. Have a wonderful week!


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