At Brooklyn Tweed we are passionate about domestically sourced, dyed and spun breed-specific yarns as well as creating high-quality, wearable patterns for the handknitter. From sheep to skein, and beyond, we are committed to honoring the work of those who collaborate with us in their various roles. It is vitally important to us that all of our designers are compensated fairly for the life of their work in a way that acknowledges their time, creativity, and labor. By the same token, we hope to continually recognize all of the hard work put in by the Brooklyn Tweed team behind-the-scenes to make a pattern come to life. To reaffirm our commitment to fair compensation for our pattern designers over the lifetime of their work, we have recently reassessed the 500 patterns currently in our pattern library and have made adjustments to some prices. We took many things into consideration when making these adjustments in an effort to reflect the ongoing work that goes into a pattern before and after its publication. In the spirit of transparency, we wish to use this opportunity to share with our knitting community the details behind our decision. Pattern development includes the designer’s time as well as technical writing, editing, and proofing; sample knitting coordination and completion; styling and photography; graphic layout; and copywriting. Post-production, a pattern is continually tended to with ongoing efforts to improve layout, styling, re-gauging, and other technical elements. In essence, we approach the creation of a BT pattern with care and consideration and maintain our dedication to our patterns far beyond their debut. Most importantly, we are here to support you through your project! Should you have any questions about BT yarns, patterns, or processes, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Specialist. If you have cast-on and find yourself needing assistance with understanding directions or techniques in a BT pattern, our Pattern Support Specialist is also available to assist you via e-mail, free of charge.  On behalf of our designers as well as the many people quietly working in the background to bring a pattern to your table, we are thankful for your continued support. Your ongoing validation of Brooklyn Tweed’s mission allows us to provide our shared knitting community with thoughtful and educational patterns that can be treasured for years to come. Happy knitting!


  • Of course no one enjoys paying more for anything, but I am am very pleased to support Brooklyn Tweed’s commitment to its designers. Design/art has value, and is valuable. Can I afford to buy every BT pattern I want, when I want it? No. But when I do purchase them, I am glad to know that I am supporting a company who understands the value of creativity, time, and effort.

    Jennie on

  • Well done you!!! I love your work and your products. If paying a bit more means fairer compensation, so be it! Would that more of our Americsn businesses were as far to the workers who support them. Thank you!

    P. Joan Gavigan on

  • I love this post. I love everything about BT. “Pattern Support Specialist” sounds like a dream job to me!!

    Anne Marie on

  • I have recently become aware of what it takes to write a pattern. I’m amazed by the time and effort and knowledge that goes into a well written one. I certainly feel the cost of patterns does not reflect the effort that goes into writing one and I, for one, am happy to pay a higher price! I think it’s high time we paid our designers more.

    Jenny Wilcock on

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