thank you thank you to everyone for sharing your generous sentiments and flattering words concerning jarrett. i appreciate them all. with the completion of a big project, i have that liberated feeling - the knitting landscape is again wide open. i am now free to wander about the cabin. raspy is one sleeve away from completion, and will be tended to semi-regularly over the next week. but i'm too caught up in starting something new. how can i resist when i have such beautiful things scattered about my apartment:
Yorky Tweeds yorkshire tweeds. (dk and aran, respectively)
i've been thinking about Demi from 'Vintage Knits' (can't get enough) for some time now. and today, my first day of the long weekend, i casted on and indulged myself. enter the honeymoon stage. i've even thoroughly swatched (including washing!) - and i never do that.
Swatching swatching and coffee. never do one without the other.
its surprisingly non-humid(?) today, so i figured why not pick up the heavy wool and get to it? after charting out all of my cable-panel changes, everythings set to go.
Charting New Territory
enjoy the long weekend! i'll be here with tweed.


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