Hey there! I've been out of commission for a few days. I got tonsillitis. It hurt. Bad. But things are back on track thanks to Dr. Cho and her magic pills. I'm finally feeling like a normal person again, even if it's a normal person with semi-serious seasonal allergies. Hey, I can deal with a runny nose and slightly itchy eyes if it means my throat no longer feels like it has knives playing hopscotch inside of it. This is a day to celebrate western medicine (I'm not always so enthusiastic about such things, but I'm happy about regular sized lymph nodes today)! I was home sick for a number of days, which for me (and probably you) is always great because it means knitting knitting knitting. I did get a significant amount of knitting done, but definitely not as much as I would have on a 'regular' sick day (which sometimes isn't a sick day at all... don't tell). I actually had to sleep and veg out for a significant number of hours - hours that could have been occupied by an otherwise prolific amount of knitting. Ah well. Bygones. Scott is progressing quickly (3 sts per inch), although I've lost a bit of momentum on it. Despite my best efforts to reduce bulk (namely working the pattern as a seamless raglan), this thing is still a beast of thick, squishy wool. I'm honestly wondering if I'll actually wear it, even in the winter. I left a bunch of ease but at this point the fit is anyone's guess. We'll see what happens. I'm giving you fair warning that I reserve the right to rip this up after its all over and repossess the yarn for a single layer (read: not stranded) garment that is more practical. I love the yarn so much, this wouldn't be such a huge trauma. I'll give it a chance though, and at least take pictures of the finished piece for documentation's sake, why not?
Scott Yoke in Progress
Here you see the yoke, knit just about halfway to the collar. The colors are great and the motifs equally so. No matter what happens, I'm enjoying myself thoroughly. As my doubts grew about the future of Scott, I started some lace. One night I had the sudden urge for a lace-hit and I had this beautiful alpaca/merino/silk Queensland staring up at me from the floor needing some love. I think it must be the warmer weather, and maybe an unconscious response to the stranded bulk-fest of the sweater that spurned me into shawl territory.
Lacin' It Up
I also picked up my February EZ Baby Sweater from the dregs with hopes of finishing in the near future. I've been reading Knitter's Almanac this week on my commute and enjoying it as ever. I usually read through it every few months because I find EZ's writing that entertaining. Yes, commuter, I'm the guy sitting across from you on the A train laughing aloud to himself with a knitting book in my hands. What can I say, she can knit a mean baby jacket and write some sassy, intelligent prose. Good luck getting over the hump, my sights are already set on the weekend. Happy knitting.


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