One of our favorite things about the new and improved is the Wishlists function.  With this feature, you can save items you'd like to consider for future purchases, or items that you'd like to gift to others.  With Wishlists, you can make notes about exactly what you'd like from the Brooklyn Tweed webstore, with custom versions of your list, sharing and privacy settings, and the ability to add notes. Let's take a look at how it works. On any page of the Brooklyn Tweed store, you'll see a button saying "add to wishlist" (for Shelter and Loft, this only pops up once you've selected a color): . . Here, we'll go for enough Shelter in "Hayloft" to knit Julie Hoover's Docklight sweater.  Just click "Add to wishlist" for both the yarn and the pattern to get started! When clicking the "Add to Wishlist" button,  you'll see the following pop-up message where you can select which list to add the item to: .  . If you've created multiple wish lists (see how below), all of your lists will appear in the pop-up. In this case, we only have a single list setup, so will add it to that one. Once you've added everything to your list, you can access it by clicking the "My Account" link (on the top right hand corner of any screen on our site) and scrolling down past your order history to the Wishlist section: . . Click on your list and you'll be taken to the following page which displays all items that you've added: . . On your list page, you can modify the quantity of each item, delete items, add them to your cart, or perform batch actions with the drop-down Actions menus: . Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.14.11 PM . Under the "Settings" tab, you can create new lists, if you'd prefer to have things separate (like a private wishlist and a public wishlist that you can share with friends). . . Here you can edit the name of your list, give it a description, and change the privacy settings.  The list above is currently set to "Public" for maximum searchability, but if you wanted to share it with just a few people, you can switch to the "Shared" setting and send the custom link for your wishlist to specific people.  If you want your lists to be completely private (viewable only by you) select the "Private" option. Note that if you've chosen the "Public" or "Shared" option for your wishlist, you'll see a Wishlist URL when you return to the "List Items" tab: . . You can copy and paste that URL anywhere and it will bring viewers to the public view of your wishlist (i.e. no contact info, no editable fields).  You can also share it directly using the social media buttons below. We hope this new feature helps you bookmark some of your favorite patterns and yarns for the future!


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