It's an exciting day for our yarn palette! Today we introduce five new custom heathers to our Shelter and Loft lines, bringing our total color line up to 37 harmonious shades. Like the original colors, they're all carefully blended from fleece-dyed solids at the mill in Harrisville to create our signature heathering. They harmonize wonderfully with our existing colors, expanding the possibilities for your colorwork knitting as well as comfortably standing alone. Meet Flannel, Bale, Cinnabar, Tartan, and Tallow. MC_new_colors__0003_FLANNEL This comfortable color is a mixture of denim blues distressed with white, black, and a touch of grey. Flecks of our brightest blue enliven this middle-value hue that perfectly bridges Faded Quilt to Almanac. Flannel is a natural choice for menswear used alone or in subtle stripes with any of our browns or greys. MC_new_colors__0000_BALE Bale is a gentle, pale, straw gold touched with brown and rust. This soothing hue is friendly with our range of greens and is a natural partner for Hayloft and Fauna. Bale makes either beautiful garments or sophisticated home accents—try knitting cushion covers or a throw blanket to drape over a chocolate or charcoal sofa. MC_new_colors__0004_CINNABAR This fiery vermilion is lit with orange, rust, a touch of calmer camel, and just a few wisps of black. Cinnabar makes an infectious partner for Long Johns or the earthier Homemade Jam; try it with Thistle and Plume for a color-drenched shawl or as an eye-catching accent with our brown gradient. It also begs to come out and play in Fair Isle-inspired colorwork, where a startling hue can bring the whole design alive. MC_new_colors__0001_TARTAN This dashing peacock hue melds all our blues with teal and a shading of black. Tartan is the blue member of the family of cheerful brights in our palette. It hums in company with our purple gradient and sings aloud against our warm reds and oranges. Try it alone for children’s wear and as a sophisticated accent with warm or cool neutrals. MC_new_colors__0002_TALLOW This warm, light camel color gets a faint apricot blush from sparse flecks of rust. Tallow reads as a pleasing warm neutral with most of our stronger hues; we recommend trying it with Long Johns, Wool Socks, Artifact, and Almanac if you’re knitting stripes. It’s also a happy partner for Camper. [button link=""]Shop Wool[/button] sequence_new_colors_2015 We hope you enjoy these new colors! Do you have a personal favorite (either old, new)? What other colors would you love to see added to our lineup of heathers in the future? We always welcome your thoughts in the comments!


  • Sigh. Just when I had settled on a color for making a Tree Rings blanket for the bedroom… now I’m back to pondering! They all look splendid :) I have a few months more to ponder whilst making Christmas presents, so it’s not all gloom :)

    Clark Ward on

  • It’s so lovely to see my colour suggestion during your winter survey (a teal!) taken on board. Can’t wait to knit with it!

    K on

  • Love your yars they are exquisite!

    Lynda Prucha on

  • Old World is nice, but y can’t go wrong with a strong Navy especially with all the neutrals y hv.

    patience on

  • I agree with Kay. Though beautiful, many of the colors have gray or green undertones that simply do not work with my complexion and hair color. Even the browns have a coolness to them. The warmth of Bale and Tallow is spot on for me, and Flannel and Tartan are gorgeous. I agree that a warm, true camel would be great. I always love the colors of the flecks of tweed in your yarns, and I appreciate the time and expertise you all put into designing them and your patterns!

    E on

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