No matter how many sweaters I make, I dont think I'll ever get over the surprise at seeing just how much wool hides in one measley garment (this was just a male Medium, although it was baggy). I did a little sweater-harvesting this weekend. Found a blue tweed wool aran sweater at the bottom of my dresser on Saturday - I picked it up from Ross a couple of years ago for $9.99 or something ridiculous like that. It didn't fit all that well, so after a couple of hours, this is what I had laying around my apartment....
Wool Harvest 1
Wool Harvest 2 These photos were taken after soaking the wool in a bath for a few hours and hanging them out to dry. The wool seems to closely resemble Yorkshire Tweed DK - one of my favorite yarns - although is softer and machine washable! Its not necessarily a color I would purchase for a sweater, but it'll add some variety to my sweater arsenal (if I ever get around to knitting it up).
Wool Harvest 3
I know, I know - you were expecting a full Swallowtail report with this post. I'm really ready to give you one, but haven't had a chance to have a proper photo shoot. With the onset of Autumn comes the loss of ideal lighting for evening photography. But soon. Do you remember Raspy? I'm so close to the end on this one - its been a long time coming. I have a few more inches on the second sleeve, then I'll toss it in the wash and seam it onto the rest of the body, which is patiently waiting for its final piece:
Raspy Half Seamed
You can see from the photo that I alternated the neckline with shortrows (I'll explain more later) from the original straight-across boatneck required in the pattern. There are some other obvious changes (ommissions), but for now, I'll spare you the details. I'm going to Boston this weekend, I'm not positive that I'll have time to do any fiber crawling, but any suggestions you have would be great! I know that there are a ton of great knitters in Boston. I've never been, so I'm excited. Of course what I'm most excited about is the 4 hour bus ride alone with my sweater.............


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