While our Winter 18 lookbook is a celebration of darkness and mystery, a burst of light can change the mood of a garment entirely and also serves to illuminate stitch work. We knit some of the collection pieces twice to highlight the dazzlingly different effect of cool and warm colors.

Geiger in Kettle whispers its beauty, drawing the viewer in close to seek out the details. In Klimt, it trumpets:

We love a bright scarf to banish the winter blahs. Bevel truly sings in exultant yellows and reds:

Freja, the kind of wear-with-everything basic we like to keep in neutral colors, received a contrasting swing from Obsidian to Sandstone:

We’re interested in subtle shifts, too. Here’s Peaks warmed up with Caribou and Fossil for a gentle glow:

Whether you prefer the quiet mystery of the dark side or the traffic-stopping vibrant colors, we thank you for your warm welcome of Winter 18 and look forward to watching your own versions of these garments take shape. Please join the KAL thread in our Ravelry group and tag your social media sharing with #BTWinter18KAL so we can enjoy your photos!


  • Love these ❤️

    Erica on

  • I totally fell for Geiger, and I am so glad you presented two different colors. I plan to knit it in a neutral light color, so it was nice to see both a dark version and a brightly colored one. I have a better idea of how it will look like with my yarn. A gorgeous collection from beginning to end.

    miss agnes on

  • These designs are amazing! I want to knit them all especially Geiger.

    Cindy on

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