First - a huge thanks to all of you who've gotten your IK Holiday Gifts Issue early and e-mailed about my pattern. The hat has been worn and well-loved around Brooklyn for almost a year now, so it feels great to finally be able to share it with all of you.
Koolhaas 2 Big thanks to Bea for modeling*
According to Interweave's website, Holiday Gifts hits the shelves today - there are a lot of great quick-to-knit patterns for all of us holiday procrastinators, so go nuts!
Koolhaas Crown [Magazine version]
I knit two versions of the hat. The prototype, in electric green, and the magazine version in cranberry red. The pattern can be knit with a worsted weight yarn and behaves best with animal fibers. The green version was knit with Sundara Yarns Merino Worsted Superwash and has held up wonderfully. With the magazine version, in true IK fashion, I was able to indulge a bit with my fiber choices and knit with 100% yak. Shambala from Shokay (check out this wonderful company's story) is one of the most luxurious yarns to ever have graced my needles and I figured a small hat pattern was just the ticket to aid knitters in justifying such a luxurious treat without breaking the bank.
Koolhaas in action.jpg
The Story Behind the Design: The hat takes its name from Rem Koolhaas, a Dutch Architect/Urbanist whose work I admire very much. Last winter when I was home in Washington, I spent an afternoon in the Seattle Central Library, one of my favorite places in Seattle and an incredibly inspiring space. The architecture there created a design impulse and the hat was born in the following days. The design process kind of explains itself when you view the space (photo below)
Seattle Public
It's a quick knit - sculptural and very sproingy (did knitters invent this word?). The pattern is written for both adult woman- and adult man-heads and can be easily adapted at a smaller gauge for children. Bust stash worsteds, or treat yourself to one skein of luxury yarn and enjoy every stitch.
Koolhaas [Magazine Version]
Thanks again for continued support of these designs. Happy Fall (and holiday) Knitting!
Koolhaas 1
* I've already received a bunch of questions regarding Bea's ring in the photo at the top of the page. Unfortunately, I dont' know where she got it. Sorry!


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