first and foremost let me start with this: to say i was overwhelmed by your insane response to the Urban Aran would be the understatement of the year. thank you! you really know how to make a knitter feel great. and it seems that interest in this pattern has exploded, so i'll be looking forward to seeing all of your Urban Arans in the future. But really. Thank you. Really. with the completion of my big project, i have been released once again on all of my WIP's. Of course, after a month of knitting with only one color (boring!) i was hard up for some good ol' Fair Isle Knitting. and since i had yet to overcome my bout with second-mitten-syndrome on my Komi Mittens from earlier this year... my hands quickly found their way back to the fair isle love.
Komi Mittens - Floats
Materials: KnitPicks Pallette in 'Bark' and 'Yellow' Pattern: #32 from "Mostly Mittens" by Charlene Schurch (newer edition of the book is entitled "Knitting Marvelous Mittens"... its the same book) Needles: US 1's for main body, US 0's for cuff
Modifications: I squared off the tips of both the hand and thumb. Following the pattern makes for some very pointy tips... I'm not down with that. Started: 2.24.06 Finished: 4.25.06 Komi Mittens - Fair Isle Detail this is fierce.
this was my first real fair isle project, although i knit Ufserud during the same time period as well. i have to say, my detail-oriented side really loves working two-colors at a fine guage. its a lot of fun, and the product is really precious/priceless. and sturdy! these are light but warm, and while i definitely plan on making more warm things for my hands in this way, i'm probably gonna do gloves from here on out. because mittens? they're kinda ridiculous. have you ever tried to take photos with them on? or listen to an mp3 player on the train while wearing them? its amusing ... to watch. not to wear. but i feel fine about these because they're such a great vehicle for patterning. so regardless of how much i wear them, i'll sure stare at them a lot!
Komi Mittens - On HandsKomi Mittens - Laid Out
mittens on hands :: laid out to oggle the bad news? no more fair isle currently on the needles. even worse news? i'm sticking to my oath of finishing all WIP's before casting on for anything else. not funny. but i'm sure i'll be happy with myself in the end blah blah blah... have a great weekend and knit something great.


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