For the launch of Ranch 01, we decided to revisit a few of our favorite patterns from Jared’s Woolens collection. Pairing naturally dyed yarns with cozy accessory patterns was an instinctive choice — the tonal natural dyes used for Ranch 01 truly highlight the textures of the Far Hills Hat and Scarf set and the Furrow Cowl and Hat set.

We entrusted Winona and Tyler of Green Matters Natural Dye Company with our vision of a yarn that was minimally processed and reflected a closeness to the earth in its appearance. The breathtaking result is a yarn that exhibits a range of colorful variance within each colorway that captures the spirited nuance of the natural world. Each skein of Ranch 01 is as unique as it is beautiful.

If this is your first experience knitting with naturally dyed yarns, we would like to share with you what we've found as we've learned a lot about natural dyes along our journey of developing and knitting with Ranch 01. As you handle Ranch 01, it may decide to impart some of its earthy remnants onto your person, tools, and/or general surroundings. Some natural dyes, particularly indigo, continue to release particles of unbound color due to the friction of handling. This process is called crocking and it may stain your fingers temporarily or your needles. The act of knitting usually completes the removal of any excess dye matter, so you shouldn’t experience any color transfer in wearing your finished garment after wet blocking. You may rest assured that the color will wash off of hands with soap and warm water.

When caring for finished Ranch 01 pieces, soaking for several minutes with cool water and a pH neutral soap works best to avoid any color modification. Do also know that while the dyes used for Ranch 01 are considered “light-fast,” meaning that they don’t easily fade away with exposure to sunlight, keeping the yarn from direct sun exposure will prolong its beauty. With proper care, knits made with Ranch 01 will serve you well for years to come.

To learn more about the characteristics of and materials used for Ranch 01, feel free to download our handy “Tip Sheet” here.

The garments used in our Ranch 01 photoshoot were designed, handcrafted, and generously loaned to us by Aliya Wanek, a designer based in Oakland, California.


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