I'm excited to have been asked to be a part of Knit Red – a new book collaboration between Jimmy Beans Wool and Vogue Knitting. For my contribution to the book, I thought a red reprise of the Druid Mittens (Remember these? They were featured on the cover of Vogue Knitting magazine in the Fall of 2008) would be beautiful. The submission timeline dovetailed with the launch of Loft last year, so I had to give these classics a whirl in our Long Johns colorway. I love how rich they are – a nice contrast to the apple green Shetland wool of the original pair. The book is officially released in June and features patterns from a host of great folks – I'm looking forward to seeing it!


  • So elegant!

    Allison on

  • These look like they’d be so much fun to knit – a beautiful challenge. I love your new yarn, and the fantastic colors.

    Audrey on

  • Marvelous, especially since I have 10 skeins of “Long Johns” sitting staring at me. Much prefer this version to the green!

    Elizabeth on

  • Wonderfull, your work and design are a great inspiration§

    Misstinguette G. on

  • My ‘Stitch Red’ book came last week and I saw these gorgeous mittens and thought not only would they be a challenge and worthwhile to knit, but they are absolutely spectacular to wear!

    Adriene Brookes on

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