i have to say, i'm even impressing myself with how well i'm sticking to my oath of cleaning out my WIP backlog. i have not one, but two finished objects to present to you... although i am waiting until the weekend to do them up right with photos. one of them is so beautiful, anything short of a proper photo-shoot would be offensive. of course, with only two small projects standing between me and the wide open knitting terrain, i'm gearing up for the next big thing. or... things. theres clearly more than one. i'm a knitter. the only two WIP's lingering in the basket are the Log Cabin Socks and Forbes Forest (which probably would be complete by now if i hadn't left it in philly last weekend! ... but i'll be reunited with it this weekend.. so things will be fine.) just over the horizon :: two badass sweater project from our friends at rowan:
'Jarrett' from "Vintage Style." The yarn is already purchased (got a smokin deal on ebay!) and somewhere over the atlantic ocean. 10 skeins of rowanspun dk in 'rush' coming from london. mouth is watering. notice awesome seed stitch elbow and shoulder pads. not to mention awesome collar. and you know i love tweed. obviously.
'Raspy' from "Denim People." taking the lead of other crazy awesome knitters with this sweater, i'll be using elann's denim (den-m-knit) for the obvious reasons - it does all the same things as rowan denim for a fraction of the price. denim sweater... come on. now thats gonna be sweet. and after blocking another lace piece this week (you'll get to see Ene soon), i'm thinking i won't be able to go too long without another lace project on the needles. its magic i tell you! now... just gotta power through those languishing basket-bottomers. oh! do you like the new look of The Tweed? i wanted something different, and despite the debilitating limitations of blogger, i think this is a nice change. knit for your lives!


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