I'm off for a quick weekend in Chicago. I'd ask for yarn-store advice, but I'll only be there 3 short days. Dont worry Chicago Knitters, I'll be exploiting you for advice in about a month: I'll be spending the last half of August and the first week of September living in your wonderful city! I needed something last minute for plane/travel knitting tomorrow morning. This seemed, to me, a perfect time to justify breaking into the Yorkshire Tweed DK bag... I've started sweater #3 (a variation of EZ's Seamless Hybrid Sweater), all for the sake of bamboo needles [I realize aluminum/metal needles are now OK for plane trips, but I like to play it safe. If TSA gave me an ultimatum regarding my addi turbos, I probably wouldn't end up on the plane.]
Seamless Hybrid Start
Have a great weekend - I'll post more upon return to NYC.


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