i may have lost 5 pounds during the photo shoot just from sweating (no Air Conditioners were used during this session), but i have cold beer in hand and am presently wearing no wool. so now, i may proudly present to you...
Jarrett Final 1
Pattern: "Jarrett" by Kim Hargreaves Source: Rowan 'Vintage Style' Materials: Rowanspun DK in 'Rush' (#737). 8 Hanks (incredible yardage!) Size: measurments for S (although with gauge variance, I adhered more closely to the numbers for L) Ease: approximately 4 inches (standard cardigan protocol) Needles: US 6 (4.25mm) Takumi Bamboo 32" circulars, US 5 (3.75mm) Addi 32" circulars Total Cost: $55.59 ($49.99 for yarn, $5.60 for buttons. Pretty damn good if you ask me!) Start Date: 11 May 2006 Finish Date: 26 June 2006
Jarrett Final 2 sucker for the window light
Modifications: Surprisingly enough, I did very little in terms of straying from Kim's original pattern specs. Probably the biggest difference was that I knit the piece in a finer gauge than was called for. As it turns out Rowanspun DK is noticeably finer than Yorkshire Tweed DK (the yarn called for by the pattern). Required gauge for Jarrett is 20 sts/4" (10cm). I worked 22st/4"(10cm), a more common DK guage (in my experience). Since beginning Jarrett, i have acquired a bag of Yorkshire Tweed DK and think the cardigan would have been something completely different if i had used the recommended materials. Both yarns are amazing, so I dont have even one regret.
Now, Jarrett wasn't all smooth sailing. There was some sleeve drama. But in the end, we worked through it and came out with a great set of sleeves that fit me very well. The solution*? Set-in sleeves worked from the top down. Many of you left comments on my last post expressing interest in this technique and also bewilderment. Well, let me demystify the process for you. It really is very logical and fully accessible to anyone who has the urge and a little knitting experience. This technique is the brainchild of Barbara Walker (love) and can be found in her wonderful book here. Now, if you're dying to to read about it now, keep your wallets in your pockets. I was thinking of doing a little explanation and demonstration but I thought, why should i when Lauren posted a handy little tutorial here just last week? Go check hers out and hopefully this will all seem a little less voodoo-istic afterward.
Jarrett Complete laid out flat
Thoughts on Jarrett: What can I say at this point? I think its pretty clear from my previous gushing that I love this pattern. Finishing and now getting to wear (hypothetically, that is... its not like I'll actually dawn this sweater until September at the earliest.) is just another wonderful part of the process. I'm more than pleased with how the Rowanspun blooms and becomes cohesive after washing, and how great the fabric/seams/body look after a thorough pressing with a hot iron (I always iron my knits, and I dont always follow correct 'procedure,' but have never had any problems. Iron your wool!) With a definite vintage style (where's the irony in that?) and just the faintest hint of mr. rogers... i think this new addition to my sweater collection is a great marriage of contemporary and traditional (classic) styles. Pretty much can't wait to wear it. Thanks for hanging on for the ride. Now onto more Hargreaves patterns! (i've got two in my basket still.........) *To knitters who plan on knitting this in the future: My negative experience with the sleeve caps is not necessarily an error of the pattern and I would encourage you not to scrap the project because of it. I think it probably has to do mostly with a combination of my gauge-mods (although I swear I modified my numbers to knit to the exact measurements as are called for...) and my preferences for set-in sleeve fit. The problem, I think, mostly lies in the width of the sleeve at the bind off. The pattern calls for a 7" width at the sleevecap BO edge. This too me, makes a too-boxy (frumpy) sleeve cap, and thus in my version, was changed. It may work for you. And please, don't let it discourage you from knitting Jarrett. The pattern is too good to throw away for such a *minor* detail......... (just file this information away for future sweater planning)


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